Class B Asbestos Removal

Have you ever heard of non-friable asbestos-containing materials? Do you know what it is? One thing for sure… they are dangerous! And the only way you can get rid of it is through the help of a reliable class B asbestos removal expert.

For queries about class B asbestos removal and other asbestos removal methods, call JC Asbestos Removal!

What Is Class B Asbestos Removal?

Class B asbestos is considered “non-friable” because it is bonded and typically mixed and sealed into products. Did you know that asbestos is also present in cement and plastic products? They usually have 15% asbestos content for durability purposes and are tightly bonded to avoid exposure of asbestos fibers. Class B asbestos can be found in:

  • Gutters and roofing
  • Bituminous products
  • Vinyl composite tiles
  • Cement products
  • Electrical resin products

The JC Asbestos Removal team strongly urges you to have your house checked for asbestos. If you think that asbestos is lurking in your property, it is best to hire a licensed asbestos removalist. JC Asbestos Removal is here to help you devised a management plan for class A and class B asbestos removal.

A class B removal specialist will need a class B license to remove non-friable asbestos. Non-friable asbestos has lesser chances of asbestos fibers exposure which means that it possesses lower risks. A class A removalist can also do class B asbestos removal work! Would you like to know more about our class B asbestos removal work?

Its important to note that class B asbestos can also be risky especially if it is disturbed. There are certain factors that can trigger the asbestos to release fibers into the air. Class B asbestos will break down faster when its:

  • Drilled
  • Cut
  • Impacted
  • Aged
  • There are continuous vibrations/ earthquakes.
  • There is water damage.

Before this sort of things happens, you better get to the phone now and talk to an asbestos removal and demolition expert! Talk to us for queries regarding class B asbestos removal!

With JC Asbestos Removal’s knowledge and experience with asbestos, we can assure that all of our work conforms to the Australian standards and follows the code of practice at all times. With us, your safety is a top priority!

The JC Asbestos Removal team will inform you about our asbestos management plan beforehand for you to be aware of the methods of asbestos removal that we will be using. We use various asbestos abatement strategies depending on the needs and complexities. There are also factors that we consider before choosing the most effective asbestos removal method.

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