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Asbestos Waste Disposal in Perth

Are you worried about safe asbestos disposal in Perth? Where and how can you safely dispose of that removed asbestos from your property? These are a few questions you might have if your concern is about asbestos disposal. Stop worrying, JC Asbestos Removal is here to help you safely dispose of that removed asbestos from your home!

There were at least 3000 asbestos made products that were manufactured all over the world in the past years. The use of asbestos products are commonly known in the car, construction, and textile industries. Asbestos cement sheeting (fibro) was commonly used in all aspects of building which contains at least 10 to 15% asbestos. It was used in walls, roofs, fences, floors and other parts of the house. It was also used in constructing government buildings and private establishments. However, it is safe to assume that properties made after the 1990s are said to be asbestos free.

Always seek professional help for the safe disposal of asbestos. If you want to know the exact details regarding asbestos disposal cost, reach out to us!

Safely Remove & Dispose of Asbestos From Your Property

The safe disposal of asbestos can be a hard task to organize especially if you are doing the removal yourself. There are a few things to consider when disposing asbestos such as locating council approved landfills and making sure that the asbestos-containing material (ACM) are safely transported. With this, you will need an expert to ensure that the removal and disposal of such a dangerous material will be safe and successful.

Moreover, it is undeniably complicated to organize waste disposal for asbestos as you need to be aware of the rules and regulations for asbestos disposal in a certain area such as Perth. JC Asbestos Removal can help you by making sure that the area is safe and isolated during the asbestos process.

Safety is our top priority. We adhere to the code of practice and we take pride in our work that passes the Australian standards.

JC Asbestos Removal Can Provide Safe Asbestos Disposal for the Following Reasons:

  • One way to safely dispose of ACM is with the use of an asbestos disposal bag to ensure that the substance is properly contained and has no chances of leakage.
  • By sealing and wetting the ACM, we can ensure zero asbestos exposure. In that way, we can assure that transporting the ACM will be safe for everyone.
  • Every asbestos disposal bag that we are using is labeled as “asbestos waste”.
  • We use a covered and leak-proof vehicle to transport the ACM.

These are just a few of the best practices that we follow during the asbestos disposal process. For better results, aside from the code of practice, JC Asbestos Removal also has its own sets of rules and protocols that must be followed throughout the asbestos disposal process. For more information regarding our internal policy relating to the removal please call us today! 

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