Asbestos Cladding Removal

Have you looked closely on your wall? What is it made of? What building material was used in cladding it? If you suspect that it might be asbestos, then you should have it checked or assessed by an asbestos expert.

Asbestos cladding removal in Perth

JC Asbestos Removal is one of the most trusted asbestos removal services in Perth. We have done a series of asbestos work for many clients in all of Australia including the top companies. With our asbestos removal service, we can assure safety and efficient work. If asbestos cladding removal is your concern, we are here to help you devise an effective management plan.

Asbestos Cladding removal Costs

With JC Asbestos Removal, you will be offered the most competitive cladding prices in the market. For external cladding and disposal, the cost is around $50 to $80 per square metre depending on the height of the scaffolding and the area that must be removed. While internal cladding will only cost you $45 to $70 per square metre. Prices are subjected to change. It is important to talk to us for a proper quotation.

What is Cladding & How Is It Related to Asbestos?

Cladding is the term used to refer to the skin or extra layer of sheet on the building. It is mainly used for sound insulation and fireproofing. It is also used to enhance the aesthetics of the building. And for many years asbestos cladding was a real thing not only in Australia but also in other parts of Europe and Asia.

You cannot really tell if asbestos is present in cladding just by looking at it! It requires thorough checking and testing to confirm it.

Here at JC Asbestos Removal, we use the combination of stereo and polarized microscopic light to determine crystalline fibers and refractive index within the expected range for asbestos fibers. If you are suspecting asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in your wall cladding or any part of the house, we strongly recommend that you follow strict sampling protocol or arrange for an asbestos inspector from NATA accredited laboratory. In that way, the laboratory can easily collect a sample.

Many Australian homes used asbestos for cladding especially during the 1940s through 1980s. If you are living in houses that were built within this period, check out what material was used for external cladding. In addition, you can also check the internal and exterior wall in your bathrooms, laundries, kitchen, and garages for potential asbestos containing materials (PACM). As mentioned, the asbestos in external cladding was used as a fireproofing agent especially in walls mixed with electric wiring as it can prevent the spread of fire throughout the homes or houses. So, go and have it checked now!

Asbestos used in walls poses a minimal threat because they are generally considered non-friable which means that it will not be crushed or pulverized easily. The risk will not be really high unless the ACM is broken or damaged. Here at JC Asbestos Removal, we are careful when removing the asbestos cladding in your wall to avoid damage and asbestos exposure. We also put an emphasis on following the code of practice and meeting the Australian standards. In that way, we can assure safety and safe asbestos cladding removal.

We can help you to ensure that the cladding in your home or property is asbestos free. We can assure you that your property will be a safe habitat for you and your family.

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