Asbestos Eaves Removal

Have you checked what type of building material was used in the eaves of your house? Did you know that eaves are highly tested for asbestos in Australia? A typical asbestos eave is made of asbestos cement sheeting (fibro) which can be dangerous when disturbed. You better get it checked now!

Asbestos Eaves Removal Service in Perth

If your house was built before the 1990s, the chances that your eaves are made with asbestos are relatively high. However, you shouldn’t worry as we are here to ensure that those asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in your house eaves are taken out and disposed of properly.

Our asbestos eaves removal rates start at $55 a lineal meter. For more details about asbestos eaves removal cost, reach out to our team!

Eaves are found on the outside of a house or structure. It sticks out or hangs over the building’s side which protects the inside from getting wet. Asbestos was commonly used to build eaves in old Australian homes. In some cases, residents are unaware of it. You have to be careful with this material because it can cause lung diseases when the fibers are breathed in.

The best thing you can do if you feel that your house eave has ACM is to look for asbestos eaves removal service! JC Asbestos Removal can help you safely remove the asbestos-contaminated eaves in your house.

Should You Panic if its Confirmed that Asbestos is in Your House Eaves?

You shouldn’t! As long as the asbestos contaminated area is not broken or undamaged, the risk is very low. If you think that the ACM is intact or not damaged, you can paint them and leave them be. However, you shouldn’t play “renovation roulette” with it as you do not want any leakage or damage that may cause asbestos exposure.

In the ideal world, we always advise anyone who comes to us to never do the asbestos removal themselves. It is a very risky activity which requires specialization and high skills. If you fail to handle it properly, the whole public will be at risk!

Anyway, asbestos content in the eaves lining of your property cannot be seen by the naked eyes. You need an expert to assist or help you in the asbestos eaves removal. We can help you!

Refer to this easy guide to help you diagnose if there is asbestos content in your house eaves.

  • Houses built before the mid-1980s are highly liable to have asbestos in their eaves.
  • Houses built between the 1980s and 1990 have asbestos content.
  • After 1990 are unlikely to have asbestos content.

With this simple way, you can now deduce if your house eaves have asbestos content. JC Asbestos Removal can do an asbestos check in your eaves and other parts of the house. Reach out to us for more details.

We strictly apply precautions and safety during the asbestos eaves removal to ensure minimal to zero asbestos exposure. JC Asbestos Removal follows the code of practice and conforms with the Australian Standards. In that way, we can assure professional and safe handling of asbestos-contaminated materials.

Generally speaking, JC Asbestos Removal is here to help reduce the asbestos-related diseases in Australia. We can do it by making sure that every Australian home is asbestos free and safe handling and disposal of the removed asbestos is always practiced.

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