Asbestos Fence Removal

How old is your property? Do you think builders have used asbestos to construct it? Perhaps asbestos was used for your fences, roofs, and gutter? If you think so, then you should get an asbestos expert to take a look.

For Asbestos Fence Removal in Perth, think JC Asbestos Removal!

The use of asbestos cement (fibro) as a building material was known in Australia in the 1920s during the post-war. Asbestos was widely used in fences and marketed as soundproofing, fireproofing and insulation agent. Additionally, asbestos was also easily transported which was convenient for building companies and builders. The dangers of asbestos as a building material were underemphasized until the number of mesothelioma diagnosed people became more and more apparent each year.

Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of mesothelioma death in the world? Mesothelioma is rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Experts believe that an estimated 25 000 will die from it in the next four decades.

And the only way you can be safe is through an urgent and careful removal of asbestos fencing!

We offer competitive prices for asbestos fencing removal. You can have a one-meter wide asbestos contaminated fence panel removed at $38 each panel. On the other hand disposal of five sheets or less may involve call out fees.

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JC Asbestos Removal can assure you that your fences will be asbestos free. We take full responsibility in the removal of asbestos fencing and will make sure that your property is properly isolated and safe before and after the asbestos fencing removal.

There are a few things we consider before we undergo with the asbestos fence removal process such as finding out when was the fence was built, what is the capping made of, the number of ridges and if there is a diamond shaped washer. With this, we can easily find out if the fence has asbestos content. Thereafter, we can effectively devise a management plan for asbestos fencing removal.

So, how old is the potential asbestos made fence?

Note that if the fence was built or constructed after 1990, there is a possibility that it might be asbestos free. On the other hand, if it is built before then there is a higher chance. So, get an asbestos check now!

What about the Asbestos Capping?

If the capping and the fence have the same material, it is likely to contain asbestos. The capping is the most exposed part of the fence to sunlight, rain, wind, etc. which means that asbestos is already exposed and disturbed. Be careful! At this point, it is best to get help from a licensed asbestos removalist.

Let JC Asbestos Removal help you to safely Remove your Asbestos fences!

Asbestos fences usually have 7 ridges per one-metre wide panel and Hardifence made after 1990 only have 5. It also has a washer that holds the panel together.

Just by looking at your fence, you can quickly tell if it has asbestos content. If you suspect that ACM is used in your fence, get an expert to do an asbestos assessment for confirmation. Early detection of asbestos in your property can save you and your family!

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