Asbestos Sheet Removal

Removal of Asbestos Sheets in Perth

Are you familiar with AC sheet? Did you know that AC sheets are amongst the building materials that were popularly used during World War II? It is also estimated that in Victoria almost 98% of homes are constructed with asbestos, particularly asbestos sheeting.

If there is Asbestos Materials (ACM) in your current fencing, talk to JC Asbestos Removal!

Asbestos was widespread in Australia and New Zealand wherein it was used in corrugated sheets or piping and molded to shapes for cementing. Builders used asbestos because it is cheaper and durable. Asbestos sheets are typically used in walls and ceilings for soundproofing and fireproofing. They have a usual thickness of 4.5 to 6mm. Yet, the removal of asbestos sheets is a complicated process which requires expertise and specialization.

It is hard to tell if asbestos is used in your wall. You cannot tell just by looking! To be safe and as a general rule, we can assume that buildings constructed before the late 1980s may contain asbestos. If you want to be certain, contact the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for the analytical laboratory. In that way, you can quickly give a solution to the issue and decide when to do the asbestos sheet removal.

Asbestos cement sheeting poses greater health risks during installation, demolition, renovation, and cleaning. Asbestos cement sheets contain 10 to 15% of asbestos which can cause health problems if disturbed. In some cases, time and weathering may also weaken the sheets as it can expose asbestos fibers to the air and lead to lung diseases if inhaled.

Choose JC Asbestos Removal for safe asbestos sheet removal. We always adhere to the code of practice and conform to the Australian standards to ensure that our work is done efficiently. Our asbestos workers are highly trained in the removal of asbestos sheeting and will ensure that your property is isolated and secured before the asbestos sheets removal.

To help you envision safety during the process of asbestos sheet removal, here are the major things that we consider.

  • Demarcation of the area – We cover the area with hazard signs to keep away unauthorized people.
  • Identifying what type of asbestos is used – We have to check the area and identify what type of asbestos sheeting is used, where it is located and how big it is. In that way, we can come up with a management plan.
  • Proper and safe disposal – JC Asbestos Removal can assure you that the removed asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are disposed of safely in a council authorized dumping site.
  • The use of PPE – PPE is our prime concern. No PPE, no work! That is our policy.

We can confidently say that safe asbestos sheets removal is achievable and possible through JC Asbestos Removal!

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