Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding that you may have asbestos on your property doesn't have to be stressful. Your best option is to consult with a professional who can advise you on the best course of action to take. It may be removal or, if there is no imminent risk, to do some repairs and leave it in place.

For your peace of mind, you should get your property checked.

There are several questions which often come to mind when faced with the danger of asbestos:

Am I at risk from asbestos?

Those most at risk are those who are likely to have had the highest exposure. If you worked in the building or construction industry prior to the 1990’s you should consider consulting your doctor.

There are risks if you have damaged asbestos products on your property, and if you are concerned about this, consult a local asbestos removal firm for advice on how to safely remove it.

Can I dispose of asbestos on my property?

No! There are extreme health risks involved with asbestos disposal.

You will need to locate a specialist facility approved by your local council. The transport of asbestos to a dump is highly regulated also, due to the risk of exposure.

You can ask for more information from your local council, or consult with an asbestos removal specialist.

Can just being exposed to asbestos once be dangerous?

People should always be careful to avoid inhaling asbestos fibres as no amount of exposure to asbestos can be considered safe.

Usually, the majority of asbestos-related diseases only occur after long term exposure. Short-term intense exposure can also be problematic and cause disease later in life.

How can I check if my house has asbestos?

You cannot check by sight whether the materials in your house feature asbestos.

The only sure way to check is to use a Government approved laboratory to do tests for you.

Your local asbestos removal professional can advise you how to get tests performed and how to handle removal and disposal if required.

Can you legally remove asbestos by yourself?

Yes, it is legal to remove small quantities of asbestos of under 10 square metres yourself.

However, unless you are experienced in the handling and disposal of asbestos and have all of the relevant safety gear, you are strongly advised to seek advice from a professional.

You can’t tell by just looking if there is asbestos on your property and the consequences of asbestos inhalation can be life-threatening, so it is safer to be cautious.

The investment to get the removal done safely and quickly is worth it.

What is asbestos made from?

It is a naturally occurring material which found great popularity, particularly in the building trade all throughout Australia.

It has been made illegal in recent years, but any properties built before the 1990s is likely to have asbestos used somewhere. It was popular due to its cheap price, flexible usage and fire retardant properties.

If asbestos is disturbed, damaged or broken it can release carcinogenic fibres into the air which can eventually prove fatal.

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