How Safe is Asbestos Removal?

The important point to remember about asbestos removal and how to limit any potential danger is to consult an expert. It is an extremely complicated process which is best carried out by a professional.

If we consider how safe is asbestos removal, we need to understand that there is a serious risk to health if it not carried out properly.

If you believe you have found asbestos in your property, do not disturb it! The danger with asbestos is when it produces dust that contains asbestos fibres into the atmosphere, so it is often the case that when left alone it will not harm you if it has not been damaged. You need to consult a professional to discuss what to do about it. Attempting to remove it by yourself is not worth the risk!

Your asbestos removal professional will be able to advise on finding a laboratory in the Perth area to analyze any suspect materials and make a recommendation as to any danger you may face. They will be able to recommend safe methods to take samples to send to the laboratory.

It is essential to handle the issue of asbestos removal and how to do it with maximum safety and advice from experienced experts.

If you would like to consult with an experienced professional with extensive experience in the Perth area, JC ASBESTOS REMOVAL is available to discuss your options and give you a quotation to fix your asbestos issues.

There is a risk to safety with any asbestos removal so to be absolutely safe it is important for everyone to be out of your property until the job is complete and the air has been properly monitored.

The issue with Asbestos is when it is friable (or easily crushed) and able to be airborne. This is clearly going to happen during removal so tenting your property, using a Hepa-vac, hazard gear and respirators are essential.

There are differences in risk depending on the type of asbestos used, the quantity and where it is located. For example, removal from an attic with vermiculite insulation is a far bigger deal than a standard sized bathroom.

A good professional such as JC ASBESTOS REMOVAL will be able to do a risk assessment and recommend how safe is asbestos removal for your property. They are experienced in carrying out this type of work and can assess the overall situation.

They will consider the layout of the property, the friability of the asbestos, and how effective containment will be during removal. It is a tricky process, so you need to get the best advice!

Asbestos Removal from the exterior of a property is also a complicated process due to the potential for friable asbestos releasing fibres into the atmosphere. It can cause a huge risk to people nearby, so it is necessary to use people with specialist skills and equipment to decide how safe is asbestos removal for your exteriors.

Asbestos was banned outright throughout Australia in 2003 for a good reason and it is worth the cost and leaving your property while it is removed in order to reduce any potential risk to health and to have peace of mind. Australia has the highest mesothelioma rates in the world due to asbestos exposure, so it pays to be careful.

In conclusion, we can say asbestos removal is safe if carried out by a contractor who is experienced and conforms to Australian standards.


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