Safe Removal of Asbestos

Safe Asbestos Removal in Perth WA

Are you on the lookout for a company who can ensure the safe removal of asbestos in your property? Do you need assistance from someone who has a profound understanding of safe asbestos removal? Look no further! JC Asbestos Removal has the answer to asbestos safe removal queries.

Did you know that Australia has the second highest mesothelioma death rate in the world? There at least 10,000 Australians succumbing to death due to mesothelioma with an additional 25,000 people to die from it in the next four decades. There were at least 641 cases of such a condition in 2014, and it is still escalating up to present. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure, which affects the linings of the heart, lungs, or abdomen.

As we all know, asbestos exposure entails dangers to health. However, with proper training and research, safe asbestos removal is achievable. There are proper training and courses where you can learn ways to the safe removal of asbestos. The JC Asbestos Removal team is amongst those that have full knowledge about asbestos and its safe removal.

JC Demolitions Removes Asbestos the Safe Way

According to the Australian Government Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, those who practice asbestos removal should obtain an asbestos removal license to ensure overall safety and security. You can find the list of licensed asbestos removalist locally or through the internet. JC Asbestos Removal is a licensed asbestos removalist who has been helping various families and business owners in Perth and all of Western Australia. If you need assistance for asbestos safe removal, speak to us!

These are our primary guide to safe asbestos removal process:

  • Seal all the vents in the area to prevent asbestos fibers from circulating outside.
  • Seal off the area.
  • Practice safety at all cost.
  • Soiled clothes should be bagged and contained.
  • Workers should wear full gear during the asbestos removal process.

These are just a few practices that we adhere to. There is more to this. We always put an extra effort to ensure everyone’s safety. Homeowners are also advised and encouraged to ask contractors about a written plan on how they can remove and clean the asbestos in the area.

It is Important to Hire a Licensed Asbestos Removalist Because:

  • They know how to identify and where to look for asbestos in your property. Here at JC Asbestos Removal, we are experienced in the identification of different types of asbestos. Without comprehensive information, asbestos handling will be a fatal and dangerous process.
  • They have the proper equipment and handling techniques. At JC Asbestos Removal, we provide our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety purposes. Note that if you mishandled asbestos removal, you are liable to answer the law.
  • They follow a comprehensive management and safety plan. With JC Asbestos Removal’s expertise, we can ensure that asbestos made materials are correctly identified and removed.
  • They follow a legal disposal procedure. Removing and disposing of asbestos is a big responsibility. It requires a licensed asbestos removalist to execute asbestos removal in your property.

For safe asbestos removal and other demolition jobs, choose JC Asbestos Removal!  We are amongst the top asbestos removalists in the Perth region. Speak to us for further details regarding the safe removal of asbestos in your property.

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