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Asbestos Removal Australian Standards

If you believe that asbestos is lurking in your property, it is best to hire an asbestos expert for assessment and surveillance. There are factors that you should consider before hiring an asbestos removalist, such as reviewing the code of practice for safe asbestos removal and conforming to the Australian standards. Nevertheless, it is always best to ask for help from a professional asbestos specialist, at JC Asbestos Removal we are qualified in asbestos assessment and removal in Perth!

Australian Standards are the basis of specifications and procedures that should be used throughout the process of asbestos removal. It is the purpose of the Australian standards to ensure that products and systems used are safe, reliable, and is used the way it is intended to. These are sets of requirements that define quality and safety criteria. Here at JC Asbestos Removal, we believe that asbestos removal is guaranteed safe for as long as Australian standards and code of practice are strictly followed.

The Australian Capital Territory mandates that a licensed removalist must only remove all asbestos materials. Removal of such a hazardous substance requires specialization, knowledge, and resources. Asbestos removal process also involves following strict rules and regulations to ensure that the Australian standards are met, which JC Asbestos Removal emphasizes to at all times.

In addition to standard rules, we also adhere to our own set of rules and regulations in every asbestos removal project that we do, which compliments with the safety directives and other rules set by Australian standards. Setting additional safety rules and regulations have made us feel more confident about our job and its outcome. Along with code of practice to safe asbestos removal, meeting the Australian Standards is one of the safest ways to asbestos handling and removal.

please feel free to read the standards in Australia from asbestos removal.

So, how can JC Asbestos Removal help you in safe asbestos removal and ensure that Australian Standards requirements are met?

JC Asbestos Removal prepares a Hazardous Material Survey/ Audit and a Hazardous Substances Management Plan for Council, which is an important requirement when performing asbestos removal and demolition. This can help ease your burden and focus on trying to get the asbestos removal and demolition done. You can trust us! We will make sure that your property is ensured and highly protected.

Choose JC Asbestos Removal for safe asbestos removal that adheres to the Australian standards!

Moreover, the disposal of removed asbestos material is also a concern for some due to misinformation about the right dumping site approved by the council. Proper disposal of asbestos is included in the rules and regulations to safe asbestos removal which every asbestos revivalists and workers should follow.

JC Asbestos Removal ensures proper disposal of removed asbestos materials by making sure that the asbestos made product or material is double wrapped and sealed before taking it to the council approved dumping site.

For safe asbestos disposal and other queries about safe asbestos removal and ways to meet the Australian Standards, speak to us!

In reality, you can  remove asbestos from your property, especially if it is less than ten square meters. However, the risk of asbestos exposure will be high, especially if you are not fully equipped with knowledge and resources. We always advise our clients always to seek help from an expert. Invest a little amount for safety!

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