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JC Demolitions are Licensed Asbestos Removal Specialists in Perth!

Asbestos license:

Name – Justin John Collins

WARA License number – 1607

JC Asbestos Removal is a licensed and accredited asbestos removal and demolition company in Perth. Call Us Today!

How Important Is It To Get A Professional With Asbestos Removal Licence?

Asbestos is a hazardous substance and those who work with it must be trained in proper handling and transport. In Western Australia, only those with asbestos removal licences are allowed to carry out the job. However, a licenced asbestos removal company is not needed if you are only going to remove a ten square meter or less non friable asbestos material. If you are doing the asbestos removal by yourself, you must ensure proper work safety and procedure.

There are two types of asbestos removal licence which are:

  • Restricted – Restricted asbestos removal licence holders are allowed to remove more than ten square metres non friable asbestos. Bonded or non friable asbestos contains materials such as cement and rubber which gives a non friable structure.
  • Unrestricted – Unrestricted asbestos removal licence allows the license holder to remove all forms of asbestos. (friable and nonfriable)

JC Asbestos Removal are experts in the removal and disposal of non friable asbestos materials.

Non Friable asbestos refers to asbestos-containing materials where the substance is firmly bonded in the matrix of the material. It is unlikely to release asbestos fibers into the atmosphere if left undisturbed and poses a lower health risk. Some examples would be:

  • asbestos cement products (flat and corrugated sheeting used in wall ceilings and roofs, moulded items such as downpipes)
  • vinyl floor tiles (however removal of the glue can be classed as friable)

Why Do You Need To Hire A Licenced Asbestos Removal Company?

  • For safe asbestos removal. Hiring a licenced asbestos removalist will prevent exposure to fibers and dust from asbestos made materials. The JC ASBESTOS REMOVAL team uses modern tools that are designed to safely remove asbestos. We will remove asbestos from your home without putting your family’s health at risk. With this in mind, hiring an asbestos removal licence holder to do the job is a wise choice!
  • For liability and insurance. JC ASBESTOS REMOVAL provides you with a liability insurance package to ensure protection if damage is incurred during the asbestos removal process. Getting a licensed asbestos removal specialist will prevent you from worrying about financial difficulties if accidents or mishaps occur during the removal of asbestos materials from your home. So, consider hiring a licensed asbestos removalist for your own peace of mind!
  • They are highly experienced. One of the best thing about hiring a licensed asbestos removal company is that they are well versed in the field and can ensure overall safety. The JC ASBESTOS REMOVAL team adheres to health and safety measures. Our staff wears protective gloves, goggles, and safety gear when inspecting and removing asbestos from your home.

Asbestos removal is a dangerous and complex process. Failure to remove the asbestos made materials can result in various health complications. If you hand over the task to a licenced asbestos removal company, you don’t have to worry about asbestos exposure.

Let JC Asbestos Removal help you today.

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